Bessie, our 12 year old rescue pug has been the inspiration behind the PUPP. Bessie was a breeding dog from a puppy mill in Oklahoma for approximately the first 9 years of her life.

She joined our family 3 years ago, whilst we were living in Oklahoma and upon moving home to Hampshire in 2014, Bessie now enjoys living out her retirement in the English countryside.

Coming from Oklahoma, where pug parties are organised monthly, we wanted to be a part of a pug gathering that gives back to the pug rescue community and gives other pug families the chance to meet and have fun!

Unfortunately our sweet girl - Bessie crossed rainbow bridge, just a few days before the first pug pub. Our hearts were broken - but we will continue to host pug pubs around the country in her memory and to raise vital funds for pugs in need. You can see a video of our beautiful Bessie below.

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